Sunday, March 1, 2009

Twice in One Trip

26 Feb to 1 Mar, 2009 - Alajuela, Costa Rica

We came to Alajuela, which is close to San José, in order to meet up with Adam. Again! We met up with him two months ago in L.A. So, this now makes country number five for us to meet with him. We will travel with him over the next few days or week or so, collecting some more and more of his friends as we go. Today, we will be 5, with Lisa to join us.

While waiting for her to arrive, we have done a couple of things around Alajuela. Sarchí is a town which is known for remarkable woodworking. In particular, they make traditional Costa Rican ox-carts, which are decorated for parades and exhibitions all over the country. We also made a stop at a snake farm, near Grecia.

A Carreta
A Carreta
A painted ox-cart, an unofficial symbol of Costa Rica. This is from Sarchí, a town known for woodworking, and especially for this sort of carreta.

Me and a snake
Me and a snake
Richard gets up close and personal with a false coral snake.


Courtney said...

...and to punish me for not noting the previous entry you have to post pictures of snakes that give me the heeeeeebeejeeeeeebies! *shudder*


Ombi said...

Well, well, well, you've been getting up close and personal with a few species on this trip! Fake or not, if the Hecules beetle aint welcome to park himself anywhere near or around me, the coral snake wouldn't get within coo-ee!!!!

Love and hugs to the both of you


PS You know that I am secretly envious! OK, so it's not even asecret!!!!!!