Tuesday, February 17, 2009

San José

15 to 17 Feb, 2009 - San José, Costa Rica

Between running around and doing various jobs in town, we managed to see a couple of sights from the capital. We did especially enjoy the Museo de Jade, for the pre-columbian pottery as much as the jade objects.

A fantastic pot in the Museo de Jade, San José.


Courtney said...

Im guessing a fern in that pot would not go down well....?

Jobs around town?? Are you staying there for a while (missionary work), or do you mean jobs as in cleaning clothes, finding the next places you want to explore etc....?

Courtney said...

hey... no contact for a while... everything OK?

Richard & Jo said...

Yes, right about the fern!

And right about jobs - odd little jobs around town.

And, finally, everything OK - New post includes explanation for delay!